Who Is Hardeep Singh Nijjar Wife? Kids And Family

Hardeep Singh Nijjar Wife and family. Uncovering the personal life of the prominent sikh activist and Khalistan advocate.

Hardeep Singh Nijjar, the notorious leader of the banned Khalistan Tiger Force (KTF) and a prominent figure on India’s most-wanted list, met a tragic end on June 18.

Two unidentified assailants fatally shot him outside a gurdwara in Surrey, located in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

Nijjar’s death marked the culmination of a tumultuous life characterized by alleged involvement in acts of terrorism.

His demise stirred discussions about security concerns and the activities of extremist groups within the Sikh diaspora, shedding light on complex issues of radicalism and international law enforcement.

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Hardeep Singh Nijjar Wife: Was he Married?

Hardeep Singh Nijjar, the former president of the Sikh temple where he met his tragic end, led a multifaceted life in Canada.

In addition to his religious and community involvement, he pursued a career as a plumber, as reported by Global News.

Nijjar arrived in Canada in 1997, initially seeking refuge and claiming asylum, using a false passport for entry.

Despite his refugee claim being rejected, he found another avenue to stay in the country.

A mere 11 days after the rejection, he entered into a marriage, with the woman sponsoring his immigration.

Hardeep Singh Nijjar Wife1
 Nijjar married a B.C. woman who sponsored him to immigrate as her spouse. (Image Source: BBC)

However, this sponsorship was also met with rejection despite Nijjar’s self-identification as a Canadian citizen.

Notably, even Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau referred to him as such in the House of Commons, sparking debate and controversy.

Nijjar played a prominent role within the Canadian Sikh community, advocating for a referendum on Khalistan.

Khalistan is a separatist movement seeking to establish a Sikh ethno-religious state in India’s Punjab region.

Nijjar actively organized an unofficial referendum among the Sikh diaspora in Surrey, amplifying the voices of those who supported this cause.

While complexities and controversy marked Nijjar’s life, his involvement in the Sikh community and his advocacy for Khalistan’s referendum remain significant aspects of his legacy, sparking discussions about immigration policies and the boundaries of citizenship in Canada.

Hardeep Singh Nijjar Kids And Family

Information regarding Hardeep Singh Nijjar’s personal life, including details about his children and family, is not readily available in the public domain.

Nijjar primarily gained public attention for his involvement in the Sikh community and his advocacy for Khalistan, a separate Sikh nation.

He operated a plumbing business in Surrey, British Columbia, and became a prominent advocate for Khalistan, traveling internationally to call for a referendum on the matter and seeking recognition of anti-Sikh violence in India as “genocide.”

Nijjar’s activism drew the attention of Indian authorities, who issued an arrest warrant for him in 2014, describing him as the “mastermind” of the Khalistan Tiger Force militant group.

Accusers accused him of involvement in the 2007 cinema bombing in Punjab, and a 2016 Interpol notice labeled him a “key conspirator” in the attack. Nijjar vehemently denied these charges, asserting his innocence.

Hardeep Singh Nijja kids and family
Personal details about Hardeep Singh Nijja’s kids and family are not currently available in the public domain. (Image Source: Oneindia)

Before his tragic death, Nijjar had voiced concerns about someone targeting him and feeling that his life was under threat.

He openly discussed these fears, and reports indicated that individuals associated with the gurdwara, where he served as president, discreetly made threats against him and others.

Notably, a referendum organized by Sikhs for Justice, a group advocating for Khalistan, took place at Surrey’s Guru Nanak Sikh Gurudwara, where Nijjar held a leadership role.

The non-binding and unofficial vote was a testament to his commitment to the cause.

While Hardeep Singh Nijjar actively participated in Sikh advocacy and activism, he chose to keep the details of his private life and family largely undisclosed to the public.

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