Who Is Jackie Ying Husband? Daughter And Family

Jackie Ying husband is one of the frequent questions that the renowned scientist faces as she has remained entirely private regarding her family background. 

Jackie Ying was born in 1966. She is an accomplished American nanotechnology scientist residing in Singapore.

Jackie obtained her MA and PhD in chemical engineering from Princeton University.

Professionally, Jackie is the founding executive director of the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology.

She is recognized for her contributions and was honored with inclusion in the Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame in 2014.

Before that, Ying was named an Engineer of the Modern Era by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers in 2008.

The nanotechnology scientist Ying became the first Singaporean to be awarded a fellowship by the National Academy of Inventors in 2017.

Ying has made a considerable contribution and influence in the field of nanotechnology.

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Get To Know Jackie Ying Husband

Jackie Ying is a prominent nanotechnology scientist known for her significant contributions to the field. However, the details of Jackie Ying’s husband are not known.

The scientist has kept her personal life, including details about her husband.
Jackie Ying’s remarkable career in nanotechnology is well-known worldwide.

Jackie Ying Husband
Jackie Ying has maintained a low social profile. (Photo Source: The Straits Times)

She gained recognition by becoming the youngest full professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) at 35.

Through her hard work, Ying became the executive director of the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology in Singapore.

The Singaporean scientist has authored over 290 articles and holds an impressive 120 patents in the field.

Her dedication to advancing nanotechnology has earned her various prestigious honors and awards.

Though the details of her husband are limited, her achievements and contributions are well-known worldwide.

Meet Jackie Ying Daughter

Jackie Ying, the prominent scientist, has one daughter whose name is Hsi Min.

Her mother’s work has highly influenced Min’s interest in nanotechnology. Following in Jackie’s footsteps, Hsi Min has demonstrated exceptional passion for the STEM industry.

Growing up with a renowned scientist and innovator as a role model, Hsi-Min has likely been exposed to scientific thinking from an early age.

Jackie Ying’s role as the head of NanoBio La serves as an inspiration to Hsi Min. Her mother’s contribution has motivated and inspired her determination to make a mark in the STEM world.

Further, Jackie Yung has properly balanced her role as the head of NanoBio Lab and a devoted mother to her daughter.

Jackie Yung has a keen interest in STEM. (Photo Source: Women’s Weekly)

From an early age, her daughter, Hsi Min, is exposed to an environment that nurtures her scientific curiosity and fuels her ambition.

Her interest further reflects her potentially leading to future contributions to science and technology.

Jackie Ying Family

Jackie Ying was in Taiwan; later, at an early age, her family moved to Singapore.

Ying’s educational journey began in Singapore. She attended Rulang Primary School and later Raffles Girls’ School.

Her father is a faculty member in Chinese Literature at Nanyang University in Singapore, who played a significant role in her life.

In one interview, Jackie mentioned that her father played a huge role in her development. He used to teach her Mathematics and English and engage her in sports like swimming and badminton.

Jackie was highly influenced by her father’s academic guidance and inspiration. She obtained a Master’s and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering following the guidance of her father.

Expect her father; the details of her remaining family are limited. Nonetheless, Jackie’s family played a vital role in achieving her successful career in nanotechnology and academic endeavors.

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