Who Is Jake Kerr, Josh Kerr Brother? Wiki And Age Gap

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Who Is Jake Kerr, Josh Kerr Brother? 

Jake Kerr is well-known in the Scottish rugby community and is known as the elder brother of Josh Kerr, a well-known middle-distance runner.

Josh Kerr gained notoriety by winning the 1500-meter bronze medal at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo and the world champion title in the same competition in 2023.

Jake Kerr, meantime, has distinguished himself as a hooker for Bristol Bears in Premiership Rugby.

Jake Kerr, born on April 13, 1996, in Edinburgh, Scotland, spent his formative years at George Watson’s College, where he excelled in rugby and track and field.

He attended Loughborough University to further his studies after graduating from high school.

Jake started his rugby career as a professional in 2016 with Edinburgh Rugby before switching to the Leicester Tigers the following year.

Josh Kerr Brother
Jake Kerr is a notable figure in the world of Scottish rugby (Image Source: ultimaterugby)

He has made 45 appearances for Leicester throughout his career, demonstrating his skills with five tries.

He made his Scotland debut on the international stage in 2019, and since then, he has received one cap for his nation.

Jake and Josh Kerr are unique due to their talent and commitment to their respective sports. Jake has made a name for himself in rugby, while Josh has won medals at the Olympics and world championships in track and field.

They have both accomplished incredible feats. Beyond their accomplishments, the Kerr brothers are close siblings with solid relationships and unwavering support for one another’s sporting endeavors.

Jake and Josh Kerr are a dynamic combo in the sporting world, demonstrating the wealth of athletic potential that flows in their family.

Josh Kerr and Jake Kerr Age Difference

Two years apart, Josh Kerr and Jake Kerr have a remarkable brotherly bond that transcends their age difference.

Jake and Josh, siblings who have achieved tremendous achievements in their respective sports at ages 27 and 25, have also developed a solid and enduring connection.

Jake readily admits that Josh is his “biggest inspiration,” and he is incredibly proud of all that his brother has accomplished.

To emphasize the closeness of their sibling bond, Josh has stated that Jake is his “best friend” and that he couldn’t wish for a more excellent brother.

Josh Kerr Brother
Jake Kerr with his family (Image Source: Instagram)

The Kerr brothers come from a line of people with a strong passion for sports. Jake and Josh were given a sports-focused childhood in Edinburgh, Scotland, which gave them the foundation they needed to succeed in their chosen fields.

Both of the brothers and sisters played rugby while they were students at George Watson’s College, where they also displayed their track running skills. Josh continued his studies at the University of Stirling when they both graduated high school, while Jake pursued his degree at Loughborough University.

Jake’s rugby career gained momentum as he debuted for Edinburgh Rugby in 2016. In 2017, he switched to Leicester Tigers.

Beyond their successes, the Kerr brothers are pillars of unwavering support, friendship, and respect for one another.

They are each other’s strongest supporters and encourage one another to achieve greater heights.

The Kerr brothers’ path will indeed be filled with grandeur since they exemplify physical excellence and the enduring power of family ties.

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