Who Is Joy Woolbright? Gian Sotto Wife Children And Parents

People are wondering about Gian Sotto wife. The Quezon City vice mayor, Gian’s wife, is not a stranger to the media and the cameras. 

Actor and politician Gian Carlo Gamboa Sotto is a well-established name in the Philippines, serving as the 18th Vice Mayor of Quezon City since 2019.

However, he is renowned as a member of the Quezon City Council from 2010 to 2019.

Sotto is also a member of the neighborhood Serbisyo sa Bayan Party.

In terms of his career in the entertainment industry, Gian Sotto had acting roles in several films, including those featuring his uncle Vic Sotto.

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Gian Sotto Wife Joy Sotto

Joy Woolbright-Sotto is Gian’s life partner and essential to his journey. Mrs. Sotto is an essential aspect of both his personal and professional life.

The couple has given back to their family and community and is a devoted spouse.

Her commitment to fostering a peaceful and caring home atmosphere is essential in allowing Gian to concentrate on his political duties.

Gian Sotto Wife
Despite working in government, the Sotto couple has kept ties to the entertainment sector, their family business. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, the impact of Joy Woolbright-Sotto also extends to their joint participation in Christian church leadership.

Together, they show their dedication to moral and spiritual ideals by actively participating in their church community.

Even while Joy’s contribution to politics may not be as apparent as Gian’s, their joint journey depends on her presence and support.

He can perform his duties as a politician and public servant thanks to her love, tenacity, and collaboration.

Gian Sotto Children With Wife Joy Sotto

Gian Sotto’s wife’s passion for nurturing and establishing a loving family is evident in her position as the mother to their six kids.

Their names are Sancho, Rosanno, Amari, Edrigo, and Hugon, the youngest, Domiku.

Moreover, she sticks at Gian’s side as a wife and mother, giving him steadfast support, love, and understanding.

The Sotto family is blessed with a large and loving family, and Gian and Joy are committed to raising their children.

Gian Sotto Wife
The family has followed Tito’s all undertakings, whether in music, athletics, or public service. (Source: Instagram)

Joy Woolbright-Sotto plays a crucial role in forming the family’s beliefs, offering a solid support structure.

Together, they assist Gian in navigating the rigors of public life as a wife, mother, and engaged community member.

The Sotto family wants to be remembered for its devotion to the Filipino people and tireless public service.

They prioritize excellent governance, working to effectively provide essential services and respond to the many community needs.

Gian Sotto Parents: Helen Gamboa And Tito Sotto

Gian Sotto was born on March 18, 1978, to his parents, actress Helen Gamboa and Senate President Tito Sotto.

His ancestors are well-known in Philippine politics and entertainment, and he is Vicente Sotto’s grandson, a former senator.

He is also Vic Sotto’s nephew, making him a cousin of the actor Oyo Sotto and the mayor of Pasig, Vico Sotto. 

The Sotto family is led by Senate President Vicente “Tito Sen” Sotto III and his wife, Helen Gamboa.

Gian Sotto Wife
Gian Sotto, along with his parents along with his wife. (Source: Instagram)

Being Christian, they promote principles of faith, family, and public duty.

The three-term councilor for Quezon City and incoming vice mayor is inspired by the perseverance and commitment of his father.

Gian has learned much from Tito Sen’s zeal and unwavering dedication to his goals.

They occasionally work in the entertainment industry, acting in independent films and motivational videos.

Moreover, Sen offers his experience and guidance on Gian’s choice to enter politics.

He provides his insights on how to negotiate the difficulties of local government, helping the people, etc.

Tito stresses the value of being honest, moral, and heart-driven.

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