Who Is Nicole Rowland, Lisa Rowland Sister? Partner Lisa In Viral Video

Nicole Rowland, Lisa Rowland sister, earned recognition after a video she created became viral on the internet. 

Lisa Rowland, the viral hit known for her humorous video of herself hanging upside down in her window, has handled the enormous attention with grace and humor.

Despite the potential for embarrassment, Rowland embraced the viral moment’s hilarious mayhem.

The film, which has received millions of views, piqued the internet’s interest with its ridiculousness and lightheartedness.

Instead of feeling ashamed or embarrassed about the occurrence, Lisa Rowland became the center of a viral sensation, with people all over the world laughing with her.

The footage shows a woman climbing through her home’s window after getting locked out and forgetting her keys inside.

Her sister may be seen lifting her to reach the window. Once she goes through it, she becomes trapped, as does her dress.

As she wiggles down to get inside, her black dress slides, exposing her top somewhat.

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Who Is Lisa Rowland Sister? Meet Nicole Rowland

Lisa Rowland has a sister whose name goes Nicole Rowland. Recently Rowland’s sister has gone viral on the internet. 

On June 20, 2023, Lisa, Nicole, and Nicole’s partner, Lisa, encountered a difficult scenario.

They found themselves locked out of Lisa’s home. Nicole captured the incident on camera as they tried to enter through a small window.

Lisa received encouragement from her companion, Lisa, to enter the residence.

However, things took a humorous turn when Lisa fell headfirst through the window and became caught upside down, with her chest crushed against the glass.

 Lisa Rowland Sister
Lisa Rowland Sister has gone viral on the internet. (Source- Wales Online

Her black bandeau jumpsuit had slid down, leaving her exposed to the street.

Lisa admitted she pleaded with Nicole not to videotape the incident, but Nicole insisted.

She contended that whenever Lisa and Lisa were together, something exciting usually happened.

Nicole’s recording captured the amusing yet awkward moment, making it a viral hit. Despite her discomfort, Lisa found humor in the incident.

Nicole’s video depicted the unexpected events that can occur when family and friends get together, creating a memorable occasion for everyone involved.

Nicole Rowland and Partner Lisa In Viral Video

Nicole Rowland and her partner Lisa found themselves in the spotlight after a humorous video went viral.

On February 2, they appeared on ITV’s This Morning, hosted by Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary, to discuss the dramatic situation.

During the conversation, the sisters exchanged playful banter and explained the cause of the mistake.

Lisa had forgotten her keys inside and ran back from the shop to use the loo. Unfortunately, she became stuck in the window when she returned home.

Lisa described the window as the only entrance into the house because the doors were closed.

Nicole’s companion, Lisa, who was outside attempting to help, couldn’t stop laughing as she watched the event unfold.

 Lisa Rowland Sister
Lisa Rowland and Lisa in the interview after going viral on the internet. (Source- The Sun) 

As Lisa Rowland became jammed against the glass, accidentally displaying her chest, Nicole’s companion Lisa protected herself while laughing.

Lisa Rowland commented on the unexpected celebrity brought about by the viral video, expressing her surprise at how rapidly she became renowned.

Their talk on This Morning was full of laughter and lightheartedness, demonstrating the sisters’ ability to see the humor in the situation.

Despite the awkwardness of the situation, they welcomed the viral fame with open arms, transforming a potentially embarrassing incident into a shared moment of laughing for audiences worldwide.

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