Who Is Patrick French From Naked And Afraid? Age And Family

Patrick French is a well-known personality with a significant literary legacy. But where is his place of origin? Keep reading to find out.

Patrick Rollo Basil French is a distinguished British writer, historian, and academician.

He left a significant literary legacy with his authorship of several acclaimed books.

Notable among these works is “Younghusband: The Last Great Imperial Adventurer” (1994), a compelling biography that delves into the life of Francis Younghusband.

Another prominent achievement in his literary career was “The World Is What It Is” (2008), a meticulously researched and authorized biography of the esteemed Nobel Laureate, V. S. Naipaul.

This exceptional biography garnered widespread recognition and acclaim, earning French the prestigious National Book Critics Circle Award in the United States of America.

Beyond his literary pursuits, French was also an active participant in the political landscape. Moreover, his involvement extended to championing the rights of Tibet.

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Patrick French From Naked And Afraid: Age And Family

Patrick Rollo Basil French was born on May 28, 1966, in Aldershot, southwest of London.

French was raised in Warminster, England, where his father, Maurice, served as an army officer, and his mother, Lavinia (Burke) French, took on the role of a dedicated homemaker.

From an early age, his innate talent for literature was recognized and nurtured by his parents.

They wholeheartedly supported his aspirations to become a writer, instilling a solid foundation of ethical values and principles that would shape his character.

Embracing his natural flair for writing, Patrick French diligently penned down his thoughts, capturing every idea that sprang to his mind.

Patrick French family
French was raised in Warminster, England. (Source: thequint.com)

He pursued his American literature and English education at the prestigious University of Edinburgh, further honing his literary skills and knowledge.

Gradually, he emerged as a prominent figure in the literary world.

He authored numerous best-selling books, earning him widespread acclaim and establishing him as a distinguished and illustrious writer.

During his life journey, the French experienced the joys and challenges of marriage.

His first union was with Abigail Ashton-Johnson, with whom he had three children. However, this marriage eventually came to an end through a divorce.

Subsequently, he found love and companionship in Meru Gokhale.

Patrick French and Meru Gokhale welcomed a son into their lives, further strengthening their bond as a family.

Sadly, Patrick Rollo Basil French’s life was cut short by cancer, as he passed away in London on March 16, 2023, at the age of 56.

Despite his untimely departure, his literary contributions and personal experiences continue to leave a lasting impact, inspiring readers and fellow writers alike.

Patrick French Books and career

Patrick French’s profound passion for writing led him to pursue literature during college, an academic endeavor that laid the foundation for his remarkable literary career.

His books became the recipients of prestigious awards and recognitions, solidifying his position as a celebrated author.

Notably, “The Last Great Imperial Adventurer,” published in 1994, garnered him both the Somerset Maugham Award and the W.H. Heinemann Prize.

In 1997, French released “Liberty and Death,” a book that evoked diverse reactions, receiving critical acclaim and intense criticism.

This mixed reception showcased the fearless and thought-provoking nature of his writing, which did not shy away from addressing controversial topics.

Despite the polarized opinions, his talent as an author did not go unnoticed, and he was honored with the London Sunday Times award.

Continuing to explore fascinating subjects, French’s third book, “Tibet, Tibet: A Personal History of A Lost Land,” hit the shelves in 2003.

Patrick French career
Patrick French also got the rare opportunity to meet with the Dalai Lama. (Source: news.abplive.com)

The profound insights he presented in this work earned him a rare opportunity to meet with the revered Dalai Lama.

In 2008, Patrick French unveiled “The World Is What It Is.”

The book delved into the intricacies of economic and social revolutions transforming India, giving rise to fresh perspectives and ideologies.

Patrick French’s literary journey showcases his exceptional storytelling skills and dedication to shedding light on compelling and thought-provoking themes.

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