Who Is Rawiri Waititi Wife Christina Tamihere-Waititi? Age And Family

Both the people from New Zealand and the world are generating curiosity regarding Rawiri Waititi Wife. Waititi is a renowned Maori politician in New Zealand, while very little is known about his wife.

Rawiri was in the spotlight after he was kicked out of Parliament for refusing to wear a tie as a marker of Indigenous resistance.

He also advocates for Māori and publicly advocated for a name change for New Zealand.

Let’s explore the politician’s private life, including his wife Christina, their kids, and their family.

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Rawiri Waititi Wife: Christina Tamihere-Waititi

Rawiri Waititi’s wife, Kiri Tamihere-Waititi, is a fascinating person in her own right.

She holds a degree in clinical psychology and has made a name for herself in the industry.

Also known as Kiri, she has played a crucial role in her husband’s career as a New Zealand politician by providing unwavering support and devotion.

Rawiri Waititi Wife
Rawiri Waititi Wife and Kiri symbolize a new generational shift that raises the bar for Mori’s goals and convictions. (Source: YouTube)

She is seen as a free and influential person credited with being the driving force behind Rawiri’s accomplishments.

A video titled “Meet Kiri Tamihere-Waititi – backbone behind big names in Māori Party” provides insights into the role of Kiri in supporting his political campaigns.

In the video, it is mentioned that Rawiri Waititi’s success can be attributed to the support he receives from his wife.

Moreover, both John Tamihere and Kiri Tamihere-Waititi’s campaigns were masterminded by the co-leader, and Rapaera Tawhai had a conversation with them.

This suggests that Kiri played a significant role in strategizing and managing their political campaigns. 

Rawiri Waititi and Christina Tamihere Age Gap

The renowned New Zealand politician and Mori Party member Rawiri Waititi was born in 1980 or 1981

This places him in his early forties at the moment.

However, Christina’s actual date of birth is not available on the Internet. 

Supposedly she is in her mid-thirties, and their age gap is not more than 5 – 10 years.

Similarly, Rawiri’s maturity delivers a priceless combination of youthful vitality and wisdom from life experience.

Moreover, as he carries the torch of his Mori ancestry, he draws on his family’s rich tradition.

Rawiri’s age reminds him that he is leading the way for the next generation.

However, Rawiri Waititi’s journey has not been without controversy.

His principled stand against conforming to the Parliament’s business attire dress code instead of wearing a hei tiki necktie.

It sparked a debate on cultural representation and inclusion.

Waititi’s story is an example of the power of cultural identity.

As he continues to advocate for Māori rights and uplift his community, Rawiri draws upon his rich heritage and upbringing.

Christina Tamihere Family

The parents of Kiri- Waititi are Awerangi Durie and John Tamihere. 

Father, John is a well-known person in New Zealand as a politician, journalist, and political pundit.

Rawiri’s father unquestionably contributed significantly to the development of Mori’s ideals.

Moreover, John Tamihere’s personal experiences and triumphs probably influenced his desire to impact politics.

Rawiri Waititi Wife
Rawiri Waititi Wife with her father, John, work hand in hand to forge a path toward a more equitable future for all Māori. (Source: Facebook)

Waititi continues to uphold his parents’ legacy by promoting the Mori people’s needs and welfare with his parents’ help.

He seems prepared to fight for the Mori people’s rights and ambitions while bridging the gap between tradition and modernity. 

His long list of activist family members includes Aunt Dame June Mariu, Kahurangi Waititi, Taika Waititi, Tweedie Waititi, and Rob Ruha.

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