Who Is Scott Hurst CP24? Wikipedia Wife And Family

Scott Hurst CP24 has been in the headlines because of the dedication and hard work he offers in his professional life.

In journalism, specific names stand out, embodying trust, dedication, and a commitment to delivering news with integrity. Scott Hurst is one of those names.

As a respected journalist, his journey has been closely followed by many, from budding journalists to news enthusiasts, marking him a stalwart.

Serving as a Correspondent for CTV National News, Scott’s role is more than just reporting; it’s about connecting the dots, offering viewers a comprehensive understanding of the stories that shape our world.

His nuanced approach and keen eye for detail have made him a cornerstone of CTV’s news segment.

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Scott Hurst CP24 Wikipedia Details

In the vibrant world of contemporary journalism, Scott Hurst stands out as a testament to dedication, adaptability, and skill.

Launching his career at CTV News Vancouver in November 2012, Scott served as a General Assignment Reporter.

This role saw him covering an eclectic mix of stories, each shedding light on different facets of society.

However, his versatility continued. He also took to the skies as a Breaking News Helicopter Reporter, offering audiences unique aerial perspectives on unfolding events.

Scott Hurst
Scott Hurst in one of his interviews. (Source: Facebok)

By August 2018, Scott’s proven track record earned him the position of Lead Anchor for CTV News at Noon and 5 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

He became the voice many turned to for their daily news digest, holding this position until April 2022.

The bustling city of Toronto beckoned next. Scott transitioned to CP24 as a News Anchor, offering Toronto’s diverse populace insights from April 2022 to September 2023.

As of September 2023, Scott graces CTV News as a Correspondent.

He reaffirms his commitment to balanced, insightful journalism through each role, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Scott Hurst Wife Allison Tanner And Family

At the crossroads of personal and professional lives in Toronto, Canada, stands Scott Hurst alongside his accomplished wife, Allison Tanner.

Both heralded in journalism, their shared profession deepens their mutual respect and adds a unique dimension to their bond, genuinely making them a journalistic power couple.

Tying the knot in 2018, their marriage beautifully blends their achievements, creating a partnership rooted in understanding, shared experiences, and an unyielding commitment to their craft.

For many, the idea of sharing both personal space and professional domain might seem daunting.

Scott Hurst
Scott Hurst’s wife, Allison, is also a journalist for CP24. (Source: CP24)

Still, Scott and Allison testify how beautifully it can work when two people perfectly align their passions.

Much like Scott, Allison has made significant contributions to the world of journalism, and together, they represent the pinnacle of reporting excellence in Toronto.

However, details still need to be more specific regarding the broader Hurst family.

Scott, known for his dedication to maintaining personal privacy, could be more active on social media platforms.

This discretion has ensured that specific aspects of his life, beyond his public persona, remain shrouded in mystery, allowing him a sanctuary away from the public eye.

In an age of constant sharing, Scott’s reserved approach stands out, reminding us of the boundaries between the personal and the public in a world ever eager for more information.

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