Who Is Slayer Kanao Tsuyuri Tanjiro Wife? Kids And Parents

With the Demon Slayer’s third season airing soon, many fans are still confused regarding Tanjiro Wife, slayer Kanao Tsuyuri. The dramatic conclusion of Demon Slayer Season 3 airs on June 18, 2023. 

In the anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Kanao is one of the much-loved characters by the audience.

She eventually becomes the wife of Tanjiro Kamado, the protagonist.

Fans of Demon Slayer have been eagerly awaiting the final episode of Season 3.

Moreover, the excitement builds with the recent announcements, promising a thrilling conclusion to the Swordsmith Village Arc.

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Tanjiro Wife Slayer Kanao Tsuyuri

Tanjiro’s wife, Skayer Kanao Tsuyuri, is a central supporting character in the anime series.

She starts as a troubled girl, raised in a poor and abusive household before being sold into slavery.

However, the protagonist is eventually rescued by her adoptive sisters, Shinobu and Kanae Kocho, who help her overcome her past trauma.

Kanao develops a reliance on a lucky coin given to her by Kanae, which she uses to make decisions.

Tanjiro Wife
Tanjiro tells Kanao to follow her heart. (Source: Quora)

But her encounter with Tanjiro Kamado, one of the demon slayers, gradually breaks down the emotional walls she had built. 

The meeting leads to her relying more on her intuition.

Over time, their relationship develops into love, and it is implied that they eventually marry.

While the actual marriage ceremony between Tanjiro and Kanao is not depicted in the anime series.

Moreover, their marriage is confirmed through the existence of their grandsons, Kanata Kamado and Sumihiko Kamado. 

The “World Without Demons” issue portrays it in a futuristic Japan.

Kanata resembles Kanao in appearance and personality, while Sumihiko takes after Tanjiro.

Tanjiro Kids 

The “World Without Demons” issue of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba features the artwork of Tanjiro’s kids.

Kanata and Sumihiko Kamado, his grandsons, provide evidence that Tanjiro and Kanao Tsuyuri had offspring who continued their bloodline.

The older grandchild, Kanata Kamado, has facial characteristics that strongly resemble Kanao and have a calm and collected demeanor.

He takes on her reputation as a talented demon slayer and inherits her intriguing grin.

Kanata’s composure and tenacity are reminiscent of his parents and grandparents.

However, Sumihiko Kamado, the younger grandson, resembles Tanjiro physically and psychologically.  

Tanjiro Wife
*Spoiler* Demon Slayer manga version provides a reference to Tanjiro kids. (Source: Quora)

He probably has Tanjiro’s sense of justice, compassion, and steadfast resolve.

Sumihiko may carry on the Kamado lineage as a mighty and honorable demon slayer and inherit his father’s swordsmanship abilities.

Kanata and Sumihiko’s upbringing and precise duties as demon slayers are not fully explored.

Their existence suggests that Tanjiro and Kanao’s heroic tradition and the Kamado bloodline will continue.

His family’s influence on the demon-slaying community and the generations who followed in their footsteps may be seen in their presence in the future. 

Tanjiro Parents

Tanjiro Kamado’s parents play a significant role in the early part of the series.

His father is named Tanjuro Kamado, and his mother is Kie Kamado.

They were both charcoal sellers by trade.

In the first chapter of the manga series, Tanjiro’s family is attacked and nearly wiped out by a demon named Muzan Kibutsuji.

Only Tanjiro and his younger sister, Nezuko, survive the brutal encounter, though Nezuko is transformed into a demon herself.

Not much information is provided about Tanjuro and Kie Kamado’s background except for their occupation and unfortunate fate at the hands of Muzan.

The series focuses primarily on Tanjiro’s journey as a demon slayer and his quest to save Nezuko.

Overall, his parents have a limited presence in the story.

Their tragic demise sets the stage for Tanjiro’s journey and motivates him to seek revenge against Muzan and find a cure for his sister.

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