Who Is Surjit Kaur, Ajit Singh Gill Wife? Kids And Family

Ajit Singh Gill wife, Surjit Kaur, and their children were taking care of him throughout his illness. However, his passing has cast a shadow of grief.

Ajit Singh Gill was a multifaceted personality who left a lasting impression on the sports field.

The former English and mathematics teacher started playing hockey in his early years, representing his hometown at the age of 17.

Moreover, in the 1960s, he started playing cricket, equally leaving his mark as the best player of the time.

After retiring from cricket and hockey, Ajit played golf in his later years and kept winning the games.

He topped the ASEAN Senior Amateur Golf Championship in 1990 and brought home the gold championship in the 5000m race walk Asia Masters Athletics Championship.

Unfortunately, his recent passing news on January 16 has brought sadness to the entire family and the sporting community as a whole.

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Ajit Singh Gill Wife: Meet Surjit Kaur

Ajit Singh Gill’s wife, Surjit Kaur, is the one whose unwavering support has encouraged him to excel in his passion.

Surjit is a 92-year-old living example of a lifetime of love, tenacity, and unshakable devotion to the man who created sporting history.

The love story of Ajit Singh Gill and Surjit Kaur is captivating. Gill discovered a unique method to show his love while he was at the 1956 Melbourne Games.

He bought a ring from Ballarat’s gold mines, 90 minutes from Melbourne, to propose to her.

Ajit Singh Gill Wife
Ajit Singh Gill’s wife has provided him with unwavering love and support. (Source: Sports 247)

Ajit’s dedication to his love was unwavering as evident through his activities.

Nonetheless, this romantic gesture marked the beginning of a lifelong relationship that faced life’s ups and downs together.

Surjit Kaur was not just his loving wife but also his supporter in his outstanding games, whether hockey, cricket, or golf.

Surjit stood by his side with unwavering support, whether on the hockey field or in the later years of his life.

Moreover, her proud presence gave him the courage and inspiration he needed to rise through the highest ranks.

During Ajit’s older days, his wife was a caregiver, showing him the same love and attention that marked their journey.

Additionally, she remained a constant source of comfort during his final days, providing him with all the love and warmth.

Ajit Singh Gill Kids And Family

The legacy of Ajit Singh Gill, the oldest Olympian from Singapore, extends beyond the world of sports to his close-knit family.

Together with his wife, Surjit Kaur, the couple built a family that spans generations, leaving an indelible mark on the familial bonds.

Among their five children, their eldest son is Dr. Mel Gill, a psychologist.

Dr. Mel Gill’s contributions to the field of psychology add to the Gill family’s diverse success.

Ajit Singh Gill Wife
Ajit Singh Gill’s eldest son is a psychologist. (Source: Sports 247)

Moreover, his dedication to understanding the human mind is consistent with the family’s learning and personal development philosophy.

Similarly, Ajit’s daughter, Inderbeer Kaur Gill, is a former English teacher who followed in her father’s footsteps.

Motivated by her father’s commitment to education, Inderbeer decided to pursue a career in teaching.

Nonetheless, her choice to carry on her father’s legacy reflects the Gill family’s deep-rooted values.

In addition to the immediate family, the Gill family extends to 10 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren.

Ajit and his wife had a lasting impact on their extended family, providing future generations with a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Sadly, Mr. Gill’s passing at the age of 95 has dramatically impacted his wife, children, and grandchildren, leaving them mourning his tragic loss.

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