Who Is Valerie Thean, Thean Lip Ping Daughter? Wife And Family

Thean Lip Ping daughter, Valerie has followed in her father’s footsteps as she showed interest in law studies.

The legal community in Singapore is mourning the death of a senior consultant, Mr. Thean Lip Ping, who died on January 12, 2024.

Mr. Thean, a Senior Consultant at RHTLaw Asia, had a lasting impact on the legal field through his decades-long practice.

Additionally, he made important contributions to legal study, and prestigious appointments to the Court of Appeal and the High Court of Singapore.

Over his many years in the legal profession, Mr. Thean developed a solid reputation as an exceptional attorney who was devoted to upholding the values of justice and was very skilled in his field.

His wealth of knowledge enabled him to successfully handle challenging legal situations, winning the respect of judges, clients, and colleagues alike.

His daughter, on the other hand, made him proud with her interest in law.

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Thean Lip Ping Daughter: Meet Valerie Thean

Thean Lip Ping’s daughter Valerie Thean is a high court judge showcasing her interest in the legal field just like her father.

Justice Valerie Thean’s journey reflects her outstanding academic achievements and dedication to the legal profession.

She received the renowned President’s Scholarship in 1988, paving the way for a bright academic career.

Moreover, Thean graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Downing College, Cambridge University, in 1991, and furthered her studies at Harvard Law School, getting her Master of Laws in 1995.

Thean Lip Ping Daughter
Thean Lip Ping’s daughter, Valerie, is a high court judge. (Source: PMO Singapore)

Valerie’s influential career began when she joined the Singapore Legal Service in 1992.

Her first position in the public service was as a Justices’ Law Clerk, opening possibilities for future roles.

Nonetheless, over her tenure, Justice Valerie Thean held prominent roles in the Singapore Legal Service, demonstrating her adaptability and depth of knowledge.

She held positions as Senior District Judge of the Family and Juvenile Justice Division of the State Courts and Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Law.

Additionally, she also served as the Senior State Counsel at the Attorney General’s Chambers, and Assistant Registrar at the Supreme Court.

On October 1, 2014, Valerie Thean made history by becoming the first Presiding Judge of the Family Justice Courts (FJC).

While serving as a Judicial Commissioner, she displayed great leadership and judicial expertise in supervising family-related proceedings.

Later, on the same date in 2017, she was appointed as a High Court Judge, having constantly displayed quality and dedication in her judicial career.

Thean Lip Ping Wife And Family Members

Thean Lip Ping consciously chose to keep his family details private, leaving people to speculate about his wife and other family.

His daughter Valerie, a prominent personality in the legal community, is in the spotlight due to her achievements.

However, Mr. Thean has kept the specifics of his spouse and other family members to himself.

Legal professionals generally face extensive public scrutiny and attention, particularly those of high status.

Thean Lip Ping Daughter
Thean Lip Ping chose to keep details of his family out of the public. (Source: AIAC)

Mr. Thean purposefully kept a certain amount of confidentiality to preserve the privacy of family members, realizing the potential impact on their lives.

Nevertheless, this cautious behavior indicates an awareness of the details and potential problems that might occur when one’s personal life is thrown into the public eye.

Lip Ping’s daughter, Valerie’s public acknowledgment is an exception since she followed in her father’s footsteps.

Apart from her, other personal details of her family life have also been kept away from the public eye.

While the legal world mourns Mr. Thean Lip Ping’s passing, his legacy extends beyond the courtroom.

Additionally, his purposeful withholding of information about his spouse and other family members showed his dedication to his family’s privacy.

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