Will Self Illness And Health Update 2023: Does He Have Cancer? Death Hoax

A topic of concern has been intense regarding the British writer and professor. Will Self illness rumor has led the discussion to go further. Does he have cancer?

William Woodard Self, commonly recognized as Will Self, is a prominent English writer, journalist, political commentator, and broadcaster.

Born on September 26, 1961, he established himself as a prolific author with an extensive body of work that includes 11 novels, five collections of shorter fiction, three novellas, and nine collections of non-fiction writing.

Will Self holds the position of Professor of Modern Thought at Brunel University London, where he imparts knowledge on psychogeography.

His achievements include recognition in prestigious literary circles, such as his 2002 novel “Dorian, an Imitation,” which was longlisted for the Booker Prize, and his 2012 novel “Umbrella.”

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Will Self Illness: Does He Have Cancer?

The rumor mill has been abuzz with speculations about the health of renowned English writer and journalist Will Self.

Many have wondered if he’s battling cancer, but the truth is quite different. Self has faced health challenges, but cancer is not one of them.

According to reports, in 2011, Will Self was diagnosed with a rare blood disease called Polycythaemia vera.

This condition led to a regimen of weekly ‘venesections,’ a medical procedure involving removing blood to alleviate the effects of the disease.

Will Self illness
Will was diagnosed with Polycythaemia vera in 2011. (Source: Huff Post UK)

Polycythaemia vera is characterized by an overproduction of red blood cells in the bone marrow.

While not cancer, it is a severe and chronic blood disorder that requires ongoing medical attention.

The condition can increase the risk of blood clots, strokes, and other complications.

Will Self’s battle with this blood disease sheds light on the importance of understanding health conditions beyond mere speculations.

While cancer rumors may have misled the public, the truth underscores the need for accurate information about medical issues.

In the face of his health challenges, Will Self’s experience has prompted reflection on illness, addiction, and mortality themes.

His journey with Polycythaemia vera reflects the resilience of the human spirit and the importance of raising awareness about rare medical conditions.

In his battle with Polycythaemia vera, Self’s resilience and his reflections on health and mortality have become a source of inspiration for many.

Will Self Health Update 2023 And Death Hoax

Amid the ongoing concerns about Will Self’s health, the English writer and journalist has not provided any health updates regarding his battle with Polycythaemia vera.

This rare blood disease was diagnosed in Self in 2011, and it appears that he has not yet fully recovered.

The lack of health updates suggests that Self may still be contending with the challenges posed by Polycythaemia vera.

Not only does Will Self’s health condition remain uncertain, but rumors of his death have also been circulating.

Will Self health update
Perhaps Will’s death hoax circulated as he is Polycythaemia vera patient. (Source: The Guardian)

These death hoaxes have been gaining traction, causing significant concern among his followers and the public.

However, it’s important to note that none of the available sources have confirmed any news regarding Will Self’s death.

As of 2023, the lack of official health updates and the absence of verified reports on his demise suggests that Will Self is likely still engaged in a battle against the rare blood disease he was diagnosed within 2011.

However, in a 2023 Men’s Health article, Will Self shared his perspectives on health and lifestyle decisions, emphasizing the significance of individuals taking charge of their well-being.

He specifically addressed concerns such as inactive lifestyles and smoking within the context of the NHS crisis.

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