Willabelle Ong Parents: Where Are They From? Siblings

Willabelle Ong parents are the ones who pushed her to pursue her dreams and passion. Therefore, she finds herself lucky to have them.

Willabelle is a digital creative artist and fashion influencer who has amassed a significant following on social platforms like Instagram and Tiktok.

Her stylist works have inspired many women, and she is considered one of the best fashion icons hailing from Singapore.

Moreover, international journals like VOGUE, Tatler, The Straits Times, and many others have extensively covered her prominence in fashion, beauty, and travel.

Similarly, at the Influencer Awards Monaco 2020, Willabelle was the first local influencer nominated in the Fashion category.

Ong hit another milestone in her career in 2023 when she was named Tatler Asia’s Most Stylish: The Front Row, described as “an It-girl for the digital era.”

Additionally, she was featured on the cover of the September issue of Tatler, solidifying her position as a fashion star.

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Willabelle Ong Parents: Meet Her Father And Mother

While the names of Willabelle Ong’s parents are highly away from the limelight, very little is known about them in the public world.

Her lovely mother mainly inspired Willabelle, whose early interest in fashion began at a very young age. She used to watch her mom dress up, and that’s how she found her interest in styling.

Ong’s style reflects her mother’s love of traditional beauty and tailoring. She has a keen eye for mixing colors and textures, as seen on her social accounts.

Even though Willabelle Ong’s father’s information is not readily available online, he must have supported her from early beginnings until now.

Willabelle Ong Parents
Willabelle Ong’s parents have always supported her in her fashion journey. (Source: Rose Inc)

Despite being in the shadows, her father ensured she got everything she needed, whether emotional or financial support.

Similarly, Willabelle’s mother was delighted to learn about her interest in fashion, and she taught her many things, which broadened her ideas even more.

While growing up, Ong’s mother’s teachings and her father’s support pushed her to perform better in her professional career. As a result, she made her parents proud through her increasing achievements.

Parents’ love and support are the most important in anyone’s life, and Ong feels proud and considers herself lucky to have such loving, caring and supportive parents.

Furthermore, her difficulties in life were made more accessible by their unwavering love and encouragement, due to which she succeeded rapidly in the digital world.

Willabelle Ong Siblings

Regarding her siblings, Willabelle Ong has a younger brother whose dressing sense has been greatly influenced by her.

Even while his extensive details are unknown, including his name and professional details, he was once featured on Willabelle’s Twitter post.

Her brother has been a steadfast source of love and support for her. Their bond is more than just a sibling bond; it is a profound, unbreakable connection.

Moreover, Willabelle’s brother has shown an unwavering dedication to being there for her from a young age.

Willabelle Ong Parents
Willabelle Ong’ little brother is her constant source of support. (Source: Twitter)

He encouraged her in her victories and gave her a helping hand and an ear to listen when struggling. He never hesitated to stand by her side and support her at every phase of her life.

Ong’s brother genuinely cared for her interests and her well-being. He was aware of her dreams, fears, and desires; therefore, he listened to her without judging her and her passions.

Their relationship was built on trust, mutual respect and the belief that no matter what, they will always support and look after one another.

While her brother helped her pursue her dreams, she also helped her little brother by making him a kind and loving person who understands his family.

Furthermore, Ong supports her brother in his professional career and journey even though his details are unknown.

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