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Wynton Harvey | Youngest son of Steve Harvey | Biography

Who is Wynton Harvey?

Wynton Harvey is an American photographer, fashion enthusiast, and model. He is also the youngest son of American comedian and TV show host Steve Harvey from his second wife, Mary Lee Harvey.

Wynton Harvey occasionally makes an appearance in shows hosted by his father. Furthermore, he has also served as a special host for his father’s talk show called ‘Steve TV Show.’

In 2018, 21-year-old Wynton’s passion for photography led him to exhibit some of his works to the public. Wynton had once stated that his father attending his photography exhibition was one of the most memorable times of his life.

Wynton Harvey is in a relationship with Taylor Gordon. She is the daughter of American television journalist Ed Gordon.

Both Wynton and Taylor are entirely private about their relationship. They have been reportedly seeing each other since 2017.

Quick Facts

Full nameWynton Harvey
Mother’s nameMary Lee Harvey
Father’s nameSteve Harvey
Date of birthJuly 18th, 1997
Sun signCancer
Marital status Unmarried
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBrown
EthnicityAfrican American
Weight85 kg
Height1.85 m
Half-siblingsKarli Harvey Raymond/ Brandi Harvey/ Broderick Harvey
StepsiblingsMorgan Harvey/ Jason Harvey/ Lori Harvey
StepmotherMarjorie Harvey
Net worth$500,000

Wynton Harvey early life and family

Steve and Mary Lee Harvey welcomed their son Wynton a year after their wedding on July 18th, 1997. He is Steve Harvey’s youngest son from his second marriage.

As mentioned before, Wynton’s father, Steve Harvey, is a well-known comedian. He has hosted several shows and events throughout the years. On the other hand, his mother, Mary Lee Harvey, worked as a professional makeup artist before meeting his father.

In the photo Wynton Harvey with his father Steve Harvey
Wynton Harvey with his father Steve Harvey

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Wynton was only eight years old when his parents ended their nine years of marriage in 2005. Steve and Mary received colossal media coverage about their divorce.

According to sources, Wynton’s mother had accused Steve of infidelity. It led her to claim that she deserved a large percentage of his assets, as well as his future revenue.

Steve and Mary also had an ugly custody battle regarding Wynton. Steve eventually won the custody of his son.

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Later as a divorce settlement, Steve provided Mary with a considerable sum of $1.5 million. He also paid her $40,000 per month till 2009.

The divorce had affected Mary more than Steve because she had known Steve for 14 years. Her assistant stated Mary was quite disturbed by the divorce. Their divorce blow-up did not just affect them, but it also affected their relationship with Wynton.

Mary’s assistant said,

“Mary was overwhelmed, and she did not want that, so she asked me to get a ticket and put Wynton on the plane to his father. And I had followed her order although I did not want to.”

After Steve won his son’s custody, 10-year-old Wynton moved to his house. At that time, Steve was sharing his home with his third wife, Marjorie Harvey. Wynton did not just reunite with his father but also got blessed with his blended family.

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Wynton has three half-siblings named Karli Harvey Raymond, Brandi Harvey, and Broderick Harvey Jr. He also has three step-siblings through his stepmother’s past relationship. Today, Wynton is close to all of his step-siblings, Morgan, Lori, and Jason Harvey.

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Wynton has a good bond with his stepmother Marjorie and his stepsister Lori. Marjorie raised Wynton like her own son after he moved to her house. Likewise, Lori and Wynton are of the same age, which led him to spend more time with her than his other siblings.

In 2017, Lori even selected Wynton as her cavalier for Le Bal due to their strong bond. Le Bal is a prestigious debutante ball held annually in Paris.

Furthermore, the brother-sister duo completed their high school in the same year. They also attended the same university in 2015.


Wynton Harvey attended a local hometown school to obtain his high school degree. In 2017, Wynton made a surprise appearance in Steve Harvey’s show for Father’s Day. He revealed how his father had encouraged him to work hard to complete his high school degree during the show.

He said,

“My dad turned me into a good enough student, so I could be accepted into college because I was having some troubles, but he was able to turn me around.”

We are not sure what kind of trouble Wynton was going through. During the show, Steve agreed to what Wynton had to say. He jokingly even nodded his head and said,

“You were stupid little something.”

Wynton joined Florida International University with his stepsister, Lori Harvey, in 2015. Steve Harvey even posted a short video of the siblings packing their belongings before leaving for the university.

In the video, Wynton seemed quite excited about leaving his parent’s home for college. He said,

“I’m excited about starting college, you know! To see what the world is like out there on my own. Plus, I am not fully on my own; my sister is coming with me so.”

Before leaving for the university, Steve Harvey also had a one-on-one talk with Wynton. The video of the father-son conversing is available on Harvey’s YouTube Channel.

During the conversation, Steve revealed he made Wynton make a list of 75 things he will not do after leaving the house. Some of the things Wynton included in the list were ‘no stealing, no drinking and driving, and no getting a girl pregnant.’

Though the list was long, Wynton stated that he believed it would keep him out of a lot of trouble.

He was a student there till 2017. Several sources claim that Wynton is currently a student at Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, Georgia.

Wynton Harvey personality

Since Wynton was born on July 18th, his sun sign lies under Cancer. Being a Cancerian, Wynton is quite intuitive and creative. He is a hesitant person who needs reassurance and acceptance from the people around him.

He occasionally appears in his father’s show. He also seems to be a humorous person, just like his father. Wynton stands 6 feet (1.63 m) tall and weighs about 85 kg (187.39 lbs). He has black hair and a pair of brown eyes.

His relationship

Wynton Harvey keeps quite a low profile when it comes to his relationships. However, he is dating a famous American journalist’s daughter, Taylor Gordan. The couple first met in 2016 and were inseparable after their first meet.

Fans and the media only knew about their relationship after Wynton posted Taylor’s picture on his Instagram. He uploaded the photo for their anniversary on July 24th, 2017.

Since then, Wynton posted several photos of him and Taylor hanging around. In 2018, he even wished her on Valentine’s day.

Under the post, his caption read,

“Happy Valentine’s Day, baby, three down, 300 more to go. Thank you for loving me more and more every day and for giving me the chance to do the same. See you soon.”

However, in 2019 Wynton deleted all the pictures of him and Taylor from his Instagram. Then again, in March 2020, fans saw the duo hanging out with their best friends on Taylor’s Instagram.

The pair never announced their breakup to the public. So, we guess Wynton deleted his Instagram posts only to make it a professional account.

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Wynton Harvey: Career

Wynton took upon photography as his passion at quite a young age. His family members also support his enthusiasm for photography.

At the age of 21, Wynton decided to showcase some of his work in Atlanta on June 14th, 2018. He also shares his works on his Instagram account. He has previously worked for a designer brand like Saint Laurent and artists like 2 Chainz and Bosco.

Wynton is also quite enthusiastic about fashion. His father often mentions him on his show regarding his fashion sense.

Wynton occasionally works as a fashion model too. He has previously modeled for his brother Broderick’s project and the clothing brand ‘Orange Culture Nigeria.’

Furthermore, Wynton also worked as a host for his father’s famous show ‘The Steve TV Show’ in 2013. During the show, Wynton visited Disneyland to cover his father’s charity program called ‘Disney Dreamers Academy.’

Wynton is also quite ambitious. He hopes to be the greatest and wealthiest philanthropic man ever to live in the world in the future. He aspires to feature on the cover of Forbes soon.

He once posted a picture of himself and captioned it,

“My goals have gotten so big I don’t even know how to accomplish them; luckily, I don’t have to figure it out; I do the work, the rest will fall in place.”

Wynton Harvey: Net Worth

Wynton’s net worth currently stands around $500,000. He has earned it through his career as a photographer.

Wynton Harvey: Social Media

Wynton Harvey owns an Instagram and a Twitter account. His Instagram is under the username @wyntonharvey. Due to Wynton’s exceptional photography skills, he has more than 53,000 followers on his Instagram.

Unlike several celebrity kids, Wynton’s posts are not flashy. However, he occasionally posts pictures of him hanging out with famous faces like 2 Chainz and Kanye West. Furthermore, he also posts pictures of his previous and current photography projects.

Likewise, Wynton’s Twitter account is under the username @IamWyntonHarvey. He had joined the social media platform in August 2013. However, Wynton is not quite as active in his Twitter account like he is on his Instagram.