X Japan Heath Cancer And Death News Trending: What Happened?

X Japan Heath Cancer And Death News Trending: The death news of the Japanese singer has confused his fans and followers. 

Hiroshi Morie, better known by his stage name Heath, was a Japanese musician and songwriter. He is best known for his work as the bass guitarist for the rock band X Japan.

The singer joined the group in August 1992, taking over for Taiji Sawada, who had left earlier that year. Heath remained with X Japan until their dissolution in 1997, when he rejoined the band.

Following the dissolution of X Japan, he concentrated on his solo career. Dope HEADz was formed in 2000 by him, X Japan guitarist Pata, and former Spread Beaver percussionist/programmer I.N.A.

The band disbanded following the release of its second album in 2002. His stage name is derived from his childhood nickname, “Hi-chan,” which he adopted before 1986.

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X Japan Heath Cancer And Death News Trending: Is he dead or alive?

The music world is in mourning following the untimely death of HEATH, the celebrated bassist of the iconic Japanese rock band X JAPAN.

HEATH, 55, was known not only for his incredible musical talent but also for his close relationship with the band’s devoted fanbase.

This sombre revelation has shocked fans and the entire music community, as he was a vital part of X JAPAN’s enduring legacy.

 Heath Cancer
Hiroshi Morie death hoax is circulating online. (Source- desciclopedia)

According to sources close to the situation, his untimely death was caused by a family tragedy, which prompted HEATH to return to Japan, a decision that has left a void in the world of rock music that may never be filled.

The Heath family is overcome with grief as they mourn the unfathomable loss of their beloved.

 Heath’s untimely death has cast a dark shadow over their lives, leaving them with a void that cannot be easily filled.

In the aftermath of this devastating news, his family has come together in grief, seeking support and comfort from one another.

They gather, sharing tears, memories, and heartfelt conversations as they navigate the difficult process of adjusting to his absence.

X Japan Heath solo career 

Heath’s first known band was the heavy metal band Paranoia, which he joined as a bassist in 1986. They released one album before disbanding in 1987, with vocalist Nov joining the thrash metal band Aion.

Heath joined Sweet Beet as a vocalist for a year in 1988. He moved to Tokyo in 1990, was introduced to Hide of X by a mutual friend, and attended their Nippon Budokan concert.

Heath performed with Majestic Isabelle at Extasy Summit ’91, an event put on by X drummer Yoshiki’s Extasy Records in 1991. In April 1992, he rejoined Sweet Death, with whom he had previously performed in 1990.

 Heath Cancer
Heath joined Sweet Beet as a vocalist for a year in 1988. (Source- WireImage)

Heath didn’t stay long with them because Hide invited him to join X Japan after a rehearsal with the band in May.

He left Media Youth in June, and on August 24, 1992, at a press conference at Rockefeller Centre in New York, it was announced that he had joined X.

In addition, his first performance with them was at the Extasy Summit in October 1992, and the following year they released Art of Life, which topped the Oricon chart.

However, the members of X Japan took a break that year to pursue solo projects. Dahlia, the band’s final album, was released on November 4, 1996, and reached number one once more.

Heath supported X Japan vocalist Toshi in eight concerts across western Japan in response to the March 11, 2011, Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

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