Xavier Yap Jung Houn Wife Anna Seah: Photos And Sons

People are searching for Xavier Yap Jung Houn Wife, Anna Seah, as she was burdened with their autistic twin sons.

Xavier Yap Jung Houn strangled the boys in a covered canal near his home to relieve his wife of the stress of caring for their autistic twin sons.

Yap, 50, received a 14-year sentence on Tuesday (August 15) after pleading guilty to two counts of culpable homicide not amounting to murder.

Xavier’s 11-year-old kids, Ethan and Aston Yap, were diagnosed with global development delay in 2017 after being suspected of having autistic spectrum disorder.

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Xavier Yap Jung Houn Wife Anna Seah: Photos

Xavier Yap Jung Houn and Anna Seah were the biological parents of Mr. Yap E Chern Ethan and Mr. Yap Kai Shern Aston. 

When the twins were six, they were formally diagnosed with ASD and GDD on May 29, 2017.

The family was urged to enroll the twins in a particular education school, but their mother, Anna Seah, was resistant. Instead, she enrolled them in a standard school when they were still nonverbal.

Xavier Yap Jung Houn Wife Anna
Xavier Yap Jung Houn’s wife, Anna, felt the burden of caring for their sons. (Source- Stomp)

Yap had a close relationship with his sons and frequently assisted them in preparing their daily necessities and purchasing anything they desired.

Xavier became concerned when Yap realized that Ms. Seah was always upset with the boys. Yap began to have suicidal thoughts and obtained an ice pick.

What happened to Xavier Yap Jung Houn Sons?

Yap began considering killing his sons and committing suicide at the beginning of 2022 after noticing his wife was sad and frustrated.

Anna felt this way because the twins had to undergo a suitability evaluation to continue attending their mainstream primary school.

Yap believed that his wife had given up on their sons and that killing them would relieve his wife of her problems.

In addition, he was also concerned that no one would look after the boys if he and his wife died.

Yap opted to carry out his plan in Greenridge Crescent Playground, a tranquil site in the Upper Bukit Timah neighborhood near the family home with a large open field and woodland nearby.

Yap brought his sons to the playground in his car on the afternoon of January 21, 2022, using the ice pick he had purchased earlier.

Furthermore, his sons played for around ten minutes when they arrived before Yap led them to an open field and took them into a nearby canal one by one.

Yap then brought them to a covered section of the canal, where he put a stick on Ethan’s neck, but it snapped.

Xavier Yap Jung Houn Charged With Homicide

Yap decided to strangle Ethan in front of him by placing his forearm across his son’s neck and pressing down.

Despite his struggles, Ethan stopped moving, and Yap placed him on the ground. Yap then turned to face his other son Aston, who stood silently a few meters away.

Yap attempted to duplicate his maneuver with Aston but lacked the strength, causing them to tumble down.

While Aston was on the ground, Yap jumped on top of him and choked him. Yap continued to apply strain to Aston’s neck as he resisted until he went immobile.

Yap had the boys’ bodies turned over so that their faces were submerged in the canal water once immobile to check that they were dead.

Xavier Yap Jung Houn Wife Anna
Xavier Yap Jung killed his own twin sons. (Source- Stomp)

However, autopsy results conducted by Dr. George Paul, a leading forensic pathologist, confirmed that both boys died due to strangling.

Yap tried suicide after killing his sons by poking himself in the stomach, chest, and back with an ice pick but could not do so.

He then decided to beat his head with a tree branch and a fist-sized rock, hoping to create a brain injury, but this also failed.

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