Yara Eid Wikipedia: Lost Over 30 Family Members, Sky News Interview

Yara Eid Wikipedia has been a topic of interest as she has lost over 30 family members in Palestinian.

Yara Eid, a 23-year-old Gaza-born war journalist, is a resilient voice in the international arena.

The journalist was born and raised in the beleaguered Gaza Strip, but her path has led her to London’s colorful streets.

Yara has emerged as a beacon of hope and change due to her ardent commitment to human rights.

Her extraordinary dedication has won her the prestigious title of Global Youth Ambassador and a significant seat on Amnesty International’s Youth Advisory Board.

Yara Eid’s steadfast passion for raising awareness and campaigning for the rights of the marginalized is an inspiration to many, a monument to the potential of youth in making a better society.

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Yara Eid Wikipedia: Lost Over 30 Family Members

Yara Eid is a 23-year-old Gaza-born war journalist living in London after growing up in the constrained Gaza Strip.

Yara’s anguish is immeasurable, having tragically lost more than 30 family members, none of whom were military force members.

The enormity of her loss is compounded by the fact that nearly 17 of them were innocent youngsters whose lives were cut short by the savagery of war.

Yara Eid Wikipedia
Yara Eid is a 23-year-old Gaza-born war journalist. (Source- Instagram)

Yara’s life has been wounded by tragedy on several fronts, including the death of several family members. On October 7th, her best friend and fellow journalist was killed while documenting events near the Erez Border.

As Israel continues to bomb Gaza indiscriminately, with an Israeli army spokeswoman stating that “the emphasis is on damage rather than accuracy,” MEMO speaks with a Palestinian journalist from Gaza about the situation on the ground for her family and loved ones and what they are going through.

Israel is shelling the Gaza Strip, and about 1,000 Palestinians have been dead, hundreds of thousands have been displaced, and thousands have been injured in just four days.

The beleaguered area, no larger than 365 square kilometers, is home to 2.3 million Palestinians.

As a result, the occupied zone is densely inhabited, and Israeli air raids on the Gaza Strip result in significant civilian casualties.

So far, Israeli jets and missiles have destroyed schools, hospitals, business buildings, markets, and people’s homes.

Yara Eid Sky News interview

Yara Eid has been back in Gaza for nearly eight months after spending six years in the United Kingdom studying international relations.

Because of the 15-year Israeli blockade of the coastal enclave and travel restrictions, the 22-year-old could not visit her family in Gaza during her studies. Eid said she had “difficult times” overseas due to recurrent Israeli attacks on Gaza.

Yara Eid Wikipedia
Yara Eid has lost almost 30 family members. (Instagram

In an operation targeting Palestinian Islamic Jihad, an armed group active in Gaza, 49 Palestinians were killed. According to Palestinian sources, about half of those killed were civilians.

Eid felt she needed to do something at the time, so she took her phone and went out into the streets to protest Israel’s air assaults on Gaza, hoping to get her voice heard.

Eid used her Instagram account to report on the situation. She visited various bombed-out towns and hospitals, and her following grew to 40,000 in just a few days.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered Gaza inhabitants to evacuate, but his government also ordered the Strip to be entirely blocked off. Tel Aviv also bombarded Gaza’s single border crossing into Egypt, cutting off water and power.

While a Palestinian resistance offensive precipitated the latest Israeli assault on Gaza into Israeli settlements, Israel has consistently bombed and attacked Gaza since Tel Aviv imposed a siege on it in 2007. 

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