Yolanda Adams bio, family, career, social media, and net worth

Who is Yolanda Adams?

Yolanda Adams has contributed much to the music scene. She is known as the ‘Queen of contemporary gospel music.’

Yolanda is a Greek female name that means “Violet.”

In an interview, Yolanda once said, “I have always believed you should appeal to everyone.” And to no one’s surprise, she has appealed to everyone in the industry so far. She has been the gospel revolution’s center figure that brought a pop-like sound to the gospel.

Yolanda was one of the crucial figures in the revolution that helped gospel music grow in the market. From 1987 to 1996, the gospel music market had grown from USD 160 million to USD 550 million. It was a massive step for this music genre.

It was possible due to the efforts of Yolanda Adams, who paved a bridge between gospel and pop music. Yolanda is an open-minded musician. Besides the gospel, she loves all kinds of music genres like jazz, pop, and R&B.

All music genres always fascinated her. Yolanda found ways musically to combine traditional gospel music with modern pop. Her style earned her a lot of listeners of all age groups who enjoy music. Even children and teens interested in pop music listen to Yolanda.

Yolanda’s voice is solidly rooted in traditional gospel music. But as she said in her interviews, she could be very much unpredictable with her singing style. She may be singing like a jazz singer, and the next thing you know, she is back to her gospel roots.

An American gospel singer, actress, and TV show host, She has awed many with her skills. It helped her win the title of a legend in the gospel music scene. Today we talk about the life of this beautiful and talented diva.

quick facts

Full nameYolanda Yvette Adams
BirthdayAugust 27th, 1961
Age61 years old
BirthplaceHouston, Texas, USA
EthnicityAfrican American
FamilyMajor Adams and Carolyn Jean Adams
TraitsPositive: gentle and nurturing

Negative: over-critical, overthinker, and insecure
ProfessionGospel Singer, Radio Host, Record Producer
AlbumsBelieve, Day By Day, Save the World, Becoming 
Best known for Believe Album
EducationTexas Southern University
SpouseTimothy Crawford Jr. (1997-2004)


Troy Mason (1987-1990)

KidsTaylor Ayanna Crawford
Net worthUSD 5 million
Social mediaInstagram



interesting facts

  1. Yolanda Adams was influenced to be a singer by her mother

Yolanda was interested in music from a very young age. Her mom, Carolyn Jean Adams, was a pianist who had a music degree in college. It was Carolyn who introduced her to R&B, jazz, and classical music.

  1. Yolanda Adams wanted to be a model

Yolanda initially began her career as an elementary teacher. However, she wanted to pursue a career as a model.

Her life went in a different direction after she attracted the attention of an American gospel singer named Thomas Whitfield. Then, she signed a contract with ‘Sound of Gospel Records’ and debuted her album “Just As I Am” in 1987.

  1. Yolanda Adams was a victim of domestic violence

Yolanda was married to Troy Mason from 1987-1990. However, she divorced him after Troy started beating her.

She has revealed the violence and abuse she had to go through during her marriage to Troy.

  1. Yolanda Adams was the wife of NFL player Timothy Crawford

After divorcing Troy, Yolanda found love with Timothy Crawford. They tied the knot in 1997 and even shared a daughter named Taylor Ayanna Crawford.

However, they also mutually decided to separate in 2004.

  1. Yolanda Adams has a clothing line

Yolanda is an all-rounder. Besides being an awarded singer, she is also an entrepreneur. She has her clothing line called “Shop Yolanda Adams,” where she sells clothes and accessories.

Yolanda Yvette age, childhood and family

In Houston, Texas, Grammy Award winner Yolanda Adams was born on August 27th, 1961. She was born Yolanda Yvette Adams and is the oldest of six siblings.

She is currently 61 years old.

Yolanda comes from an African American ethnic background. With her family’s tremendous faith in God, Yolanda grew up in a religious environment.

Yolanda Adams

As a small child, Yolanda created an imaginary friend for herself named ‘Hallelujah.’ It was not a surprise that she called her imaginary friend ‘Hallelujah.’

Yolanda grew up listening to classical gospel music from Edwin Hawkins. With a growing interest in gospel music, Yolanda recalls singing solo at a church, aged 3.

Carolyn jean Adams(mother)

Yolanda was very interested in music and singing from her childhood. Her mother, Carolyn Jean Adams, was a pianist who majored in music in college. Yolanda’s mother introduced her to jazz, classical and R&B music.

According to Yolanda, her mother also has some influence on her music. She grew up to fuse classic gospel with jazz and other genres. Even now, she often talks about how her mother introduced different music genres to her.

Major Adams(father)

There is very little information about her father, Major Adams. Still, Yolanda has recalled him as a very religious and hardworking person. Major loved his children and worked very hard to keep everyone happy.

When she was 13, her father died an untimely death, which left the family broken. Yolanda’s mother was a strong woman who worked jobs to feed her family.

She ensured her children would get a proper education. So, they wouldn’t have to undergo hardships in life. Yolanda joined the Southeast Inspirational Choir soon after her father’s demise.


Yolanda Adams attended Sterling High school, located in Houston. She graduated from high school in 1979.

Yolanda was a talented student and participated in singing whenever she had the chance. She also actively participated in different curriculum activities at school.

Yolanda joined Texas Southern University for her further education.


Yolanda Adams is a 6 feet 1-inch tall beauty who has a gorgeous body. If she were not a singer, she would excel as a model too.


Yolanda Adams and Troy Mason

Her first marriage to Troy Mason came to a divorce. The marriage lasted from 1987- 1990. According to Yolanda, the reason for their divorce was domestic violence. The ex-couple had constant arguments, and as the tension rose, Troy Mason used to beat up Yolanda.

Yolanda has opened up about the violence and abuse she had to undergo during this period. Troy used to throw her across the room and punch her before getting out of the situation.

In her events, she often warns women to be aware of such relationships. She warned not to ignore the red flags and understand the person very well before marrying him. If a man has problems or dysfunctions before marriage, he is unlikely to change after the wedding.

Yolanda Adams and Tim Crawford Jr

Yolanda had found love again in her life after she started dating an NFL player, Timothy Crawford. The couple seemed happy with each other’s company and finally decided to tie the knot in 1997.

Yolanda and Timothy’s relationship didn’t last long, either. The couple decided to separate in 2004. According to Yolanda in an interview with Christian Post, she stated:

“Well, one of the myths about divorce is that somebody did something… There are just times when it just doesn’t fit anymore, for whatever reason. When people tell you, ‘Hey, I just can’t do this anymore,’ you’ve got to respect that. So what you do is you respect that person’s feelings, you respect that person’s space”.

It seemed like both parted ways on good terms.

About Timothy Crawford Jr

Born on December 17, 1962, Timothy Crawford Jr. is a former American football player who played for the Cleveland Browns. He was born in Houston, Texas, and had attended Texas Tech College.

Yolanda was his only wife whereas, Tim was Yolanda’s second husband.

Yolanda Adams daughter

The happily married couple welcomed their only child, Taylor Ayanna Crawford, in 2001.

Fans often see Taylor attending events and shows with her mother, Yolanda. Yolanda’s recently revealed on Instagram that Taylor attended Howard University.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Yolanda Adams (@yolandaadams)

With adequate education and a successful mother to have your back, Taylor has a great future ahead. We offer her our best wishes.

In case you would like to see Taylor’s latest life updates and what she’s up to, you can check out her Instagram page


Young and beautiful Yolanda Adams didn’t imagine her career to be in gospel singing. Instead, this 6 foot 1-inch beauty wanted to become a model. She was working as an elementary teacher and wanted to pursue a career in fashion modeling.

But, life propelled her in front of Southeast Inspirational Choir’s performances. Here she attracted the attention of Thomas Whitfield, an American gospel singer.

She also caught the attention of the company ‘Sound Of Gospel Records’. Yolanda signed a contract with them and yielded her first album named ‘Just As I Am’ in 1987.

Yolanda Adams' album cover for The Praise and Worship Songs of Yolanda Adams
Yolanda Adams’ album cover for The Praise and Worship Songs of Yolanda Adams

With her first album, the public started noticing Yolanda. The audience highly praised her for her performance. In 1990, she signed a contract with Ben Tankard’s label ‘Tribute Records.’ There she released ‘Through the storm,’ one of the highest-selling gospel albums.

Yolanda manager

We all know the significance of a manager in celebrities’ life. Many celebrities rely on their trustworthy manager for most of their career decisions. Yolanda also has a team that works with her and helps her organize shows and events.

She also has an official website Yolandaadamslive.com

People can book her for shows and events through this website.

Yolanda Adams clothing line website

Besides her musical talent, Yolanda Adams is an entrepreneur as well. She has recently launched her clothing line website called Shop Yolanda Adams 

‘The Yolanda Adams Collection’ features all kinds of clothes and accessories. It has women’s knitwear suits and dresses for sizes 0-28. The site is already a success.

Talk about an all-rounder, Yolanda has done it all!

Yolanda Adams albums

  • Just as I Am (1987)
  • Through the Storm (1991)
  • Save the World (1993)
  • More Than a Melody (1995)
  • Yolanda… Live in Washington (1996)
  • Songs from the Heart (1998)
  • Mountain High… Valley Low (1999)
  • Christmas with Yolanda Adams (2000)
  • The Experience (2001)
  • Believe (2001)
  • Day by Day (2005)
  • What a Wonderful Time (2007)
  • Becoming (2011)

awards and recognition

With the success of her albums, Yolanda started to get under the spotlight. She accumulated a lot of followers and fans who loved her songs. After that, she released ‘Save the world’ in 1993, ‘More Than a Melody’ in 1995, and ‘Yolanda… Live in Washington’.

Her four albums on ‘Tribute Records’ received Gospel- Industry Stellar awards. For her ‘More Than a Melody’ performance, she got the Best Gospel album by Soul Train Music.

Yolanda bagged a Grammy Award nomination for Best Contemporary Soul Gospel Album. She got nominated for ‘Save the World’ and ‘Yolanda… Live in Washington.’

Her 1995 album ‘More Than a Melody’ brought her into the pop music scene. It moved her style to secular urban contemporary music. After the release of ‘Mountain High…Valley Low’ in 1999, she entered the mainstream.

Artists like Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis helped her with the album’s production. The record went double platinum, and Yolanda bagged a Grammy Award nomination.

Yolanda started her musical journey by joining a gospel and has never looked back since then. She recorded many albums, including ‘Day by Day’ in 2005, ‘What a Wonderful Time’ in 2007, and ‘The Best Of Me.’

In 2013, Yolanda reportedly was working on her twelfth studio album.

net worth

A successful gospel music career has given Yolanda a significant industry stature. But what about her net worth? And is she the wealthiest gospel singer?

From her successful endeavors, Yolanda has accumulated a net worth of USD 5 million. We are sure that she earns a hefty sum every year. Being a millionaire, it is evident that she lives a lavish life in a beautiful home.

social media

Social media has become mandatory these days to stay connected with fans. Many artists, athletes, entrepreneurs, and even politicians are on various social platforms.


Yolanda Adams is very much active in the internet world. She has more than a million followers on Instagram

Yolanda is quite the social butterfly. You can find her posting about her projects, personal life updates, and even social issues.


Yolanda Adams is also active on Twitter, with more than 417k followers.

You can find her sharing her opinions and glimpses of her personal life on the platform.


Yolanda Adams doesn’t have her personal YouTube channel, but many other YouTube channels post her music videos.

Most of her music videos on YouTube have more than a million views. Her song and lyrics are captivating.


Yolanda Adams has a Facebook page with over 3.6 million followers. She posts photos of her lifestyle, promotes her jewelry and clothing line, and updates her fans about her concert information.


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