YouTuber Lord Miles Death News: Dead Or Alive After Gone Missing

YouTuber Lord Miles Death News: Fans wonder if Lord Miles has gone missing or is still in Afghanistan. 

Lord Miles is well-known on social media, posting videos of himself exploring risky locations worldwide.

In 2021, the video’s maker garnered global recognition after sharing film and photographs of himself stranded in Afghanistan during the Taliban’s and their supporters’ attack on the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

On the other hand, the social media influencer was among those who could flee the terrible circumstances and fly to Dubai safely.

As news of his absence spread, the famous figure regained the media’s and individuals’ attention online.

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YouTuber Lord Miles Death News: Dead Or Alive After Gone Missing

Lord Miles, an internet sensation, appears to have learned nothing from his previous trips to Afghanistan.

The Taliban’s Public Relations department just stated that he had gone missing. It is uncertain when he returned to the terror-torn country. It is unknown whether the YouTuber is alive or dead.

For those unfamiliar with Lord Miles, he is best renowned for his journeys to dangerous areas. He rose to internet celebrity after saying he was vacationing in Afghanistan in 2021.

Lord Miles death
Lord Miles went missing from Afghanistan. (Source- HITC )

When the Taliban took over the country, the YouTuber arrived. Fortunately, he could leave the country by boarding an airplane that flew him safely to Dubai.

However, it appears that the YouTuber visited the country once more. His trip dates still need to be determined.

He last updated his followers on his whereabouts on February 24, when he stated that he was in Dubai. The influencer appears to have returned to Afghanistan for an unclear cause.

On March 15, the Taliban Public Relations Department Commentary Twitter feed said they had lost communication with Lord Miles.

It was revealed that he was last spotted in Eastern Afghanistan on March 6. They continued, saying:

“We’re doing everything we can to find him.” The foreign ministry has notified the British embassy in Islamabad.”

Is Lord Miles Missing, Or Is He Still In Afghanistan?

On March 15, 2023, the Twitter account “Taliban PRD” announced that they had lost communication with the influencer in the previous few days.

According to the tweet, the most recent sighting was on March 6 in eastern Afghanistan. He previously visited the nation in 2021, when the Taliban took control.

YouTuber Lord Miles death
Fans are worried by the news of Lord Miller’s disappearance. (Source: Twitter)

Furthermore, the content producer has been silent on his social media channels for some time.

According to sources, his pals have made every effort to locate him.

Furthermore, the foreign ministry has informed the UK embassy in Islamabad of the social media star’s disappearance.

There is little information regarding this case on the internet right now.

Lord MilesMissing Case And Safety Concerns From Fans

Internet fans prayed to Twitter, hoping the Internet personality would be discovered.

Many people hoped he was still alive and well. It is unclear when we will hear the following news from the Taliban’s public relations. A few online comments read:

RT @TalibanPRD: @real_lord_miles: I hope he’s okay.

The last time the social media personality declared to his fans that he was traveling to a risky country was in November 2022, when he revealed that he was illegally crossing borders to meet his girlfriend.

It is still being determined whether he was on his way to Afghanistan or another country.

Miles revealed that he broke his ankle to meet his girlfriend.

However, she later broke up with him over the phone. He has previously stated:

Miles said he would spend time in the gym before starting a new relationship to better himself.

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