How Many Tattoo Zach Edey Have? Their Meanings And Designs

Zach Edey tattoo has been one of the most discussed topic on the internet and many are curious to know how many tattoos he has. This article will also provide you with insight on the meaning and designs of those inks.

Canadian college basketball player Zach Edey plays for the Big Ten Conference’s Purdue Boilermakers. He also played for Canada at the 2021 FIBA Under-19 Basketball World Cup in Latvia.

He relocated to the United States and enrolled at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida. In his first year there, he joined their second-tier squad and trained every day with Daniel Santiago, a coach at IMG and a former NBA player.

In addition, in a 73-69 victory over Wisconsin on March 2, 2021, the athlete had a season-high 21 points and seven rebounds while playing off the bench.

Moreover, the athlete signed a three-year contract to compete for the Canadian senior men’s national team on May 24, 2022.

How Many Tattoo Zach Edey Have?

Tattooing has been an expression of art for many decades. Many people these days get inked in order to express themselves.

Likewise, the basketball player also got inked on himself. And his fans are curious to know how many tattoos he has.

Zach Edey tattoo
Fans of the basketball player have been noticing tattoos on his hands and want to know if he has any other designs or not. (Source: Instagram)

However, the athlete has not shared much about his tattoos on the internet yet. As per the reports, he has two designs in total that are visible on his left hand.

In addition, it is unclear if the player has any other hidden tattoos that are not visible on his pictures on social media platforms.

Moreover, it looks like the public personality got his tattoo at the end of 2022, as in the pictures on his social media accounts before October 27, 2022, he does not seem to have any tats on his hands.

Zach Edey Tattoo Meanings

As mentioned earlier, the college basketball player has two tattoos on his left hand, which he has not mentioned much about.

One of the designs is imprinted on his forearms and states, “M4G 3R7”. Zach has not mentioned any information regarding the tattoo’s meaning. 

Zach Edey tattoo
On his forearm, the athlete appears to have a tattoo honoring his hometown. (Source: Instagram)

However, it looks like it is a small gesture to represent his home town, as “M4G 3R7” is the postal code of Toronto, Canada, which is also his birthplace.

In addition, the athlete has a second tattoo on his wrist, which is not so clearly visible in any of the pictures available on the internet. Thus, the meaning behind it is still unknown.

Moreover, we need to understand that the meaning behind some designs can be personal, and many people do not prefer sharing much about them online.

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Zach Edey Tattoo Designs

As mentioned earlier, on his left hand, the athlete has two tattoos. one of which reads “M4G 3R7” and is situated on his forearms.

However, the sportsman also has a second tattoo that looks like letters on his wrist. But due to the lack of visibility and information regarding it, it is unclear what the design really is.

Zach Edey tattoo meaning
The athlete seems to have no other design than the two on his hand. (Source: Instagram)

In addition, the player has not shared any information regarding whether he wants to have any other things tattooed on his body.

Moreover, it is clear that the athlete is keeping the designs of his tattoos very simple rather than getting more contrasted and complicated patterns available on the market.

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