Zoe Grace Quaid Bio, Parents, Net Worth

Who is Zoe Grace Quaid? 

Zoe Grace Quaid is a well-known American celebrity kid. Daughter of American actor Dennis Quaid, Zoe Grace Quaid, came into the spotlight because of her famous father. Zoe Grace Quaid’s mother is Kimberly Buffington.

She also has a twin brother named Thomas Boone Quaid. 

Zoe Grace Quaid Biography
Zoe Grace Quaid Biography

quick facts

Full NameZoe Grace Quaid
BirthdayNovember 8, 2007
Age15 years old
Sun signScorpio
TraitsPositive: Honest, authentic, and resilient
Negative: Overly critical, jealous, and possessive
Birth PlaceSanta Monica, California, USA
Currently residingSanta Monica, California, USA
ParentsDennis Quaid (father)
Kimberly Buffington (mother)
GrandparentsWilliam Quaid (paternal grandfather)
Juanita Bonniedale Jordan (paternal grandmother)
Thomas B. Buffington (maternal grandfather)
Delia Dee Buffington (maternal grandmother)
SiblingsJack Henry Quaid (half-brother)
Thomas Boone Quaid (twin brother)
Height4 feet 8 inches
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye colorBlue
EthnicityEnglish, Scots-Irish, Irish, and German

Fun Facts

  • Zoe Grace Quaid is the daughter of American actor and musician Dennis Quaid. Her mother, Kimberly Buffington, is a real estate agent. 
  • Zoe Grace Quaid has a twin brother named Thomas Boone Quaid. They are fraternal twins. The Quaid twins were born via a surrogate on November 8, 2007. 
  • Just ten days after their birth, Zoe Grace Quaid and her brother Thomas Boone Quaid contracted staph infections. They were admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles to treat staph infections. 
  • When Zoe Grace Quaid and Thomas Boone Quaid were admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, the twins were given 10,000 units of Heparin blood thinner, twice the normal ten units. The overdose of Heparin nearly cost them their lives. Luckily, the Quaid twins recovered from the overdose and are currently leading perfectly healthy lives.
  • Zoe Grace Quaid has a half-brother named Jack Henry Quaid. Jack Henry Quaid, born on April 24, 1992, is the son of Dennis Quaid and his ex-wife Meg Ryan. 
  • After divorcing Zoe Grace Quaid’s mother, Kimberly Buffington, Dennis Quaid married a public accountant, real estate agent, and yoga instructor, Laura Savoie, in June 2020. The couple shares an age gap of 39 years.

Zoe Grace Quaid Birthday and personality traits

Zoe Grace Quaid was born on November 8, 2007. She was born in Santa Monica, California, USA. 

Since Zoe Grace was born on November 8, her sun sign is Scorpio. People having this sign are known for their honest, authentic, and resilient nature. However, they also tend to be overly critical, jealous, and possessive sometimes. 

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Zoe Grace Quaid has definitely inherited significant genes from her handsome dad and her beautiful mom. The celebrity kid stands tall at the height of 4 feet and 8 inches. Since she is still young, Zoe’s size will surely increase in the coming years. 

Likewise, Zoe Grace has blonde hair. In addition, she has beautiful blue eyes that definitely add to her beauty. 

Early Life, Parents, and Siblings

Dennis Quaid with wife and kids
Dennis Quaid with his wife Kimberly and kids

Being the daughter of a renowned Hollywood actor comes with its perks. Zoe Grace Quaid, the daughter of actor Dennis Quaid and real estate agent Kimberly Buffington, was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. 

Zoe and her twin brother Thomas Boone Quaid were born on November 8, 2007, in Santa Monica, California, USA. Grace and Thomas Boone are fraternal twins, and they were born via a surrogate. However, the twins had their fair share of struggles early in their lives. 

Dennis Quaid’s twins contracted staph infections after their birth, after which they were admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. The children were given 10,000 units of Heparin blood thinner twice instead of ten normal units. 

This made it nearly impossible for their blood to clot and almost cost them their lives. Luckily, the Quaid twins overcame the life-and-death situation and recovered after a while. 

Fortunately, both Zoe Grace Quaid and Thomas Boone Quaid are perfectly healthy in the present. In addition, Dennis Quaid has ensured that both his twins lead a normal childhood despite being celebrity kids.

Likewise, Zoe and Thomas’ mom Kimberly Quaid has also tried her best to protect the privacy of her dearest children. However, while the Quaid twins have had a reasonably happy childhood, the celebrity kids endured a challenging period when their parents decided to separate from each other

Zoe and Thomas also have a half-brother named Jack Henry Quaid, born from Dennis Quaid’s previous marriage to actress Meg Ryan. 

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Nationality, Religion, and Ethnicity

Since Zoe Grace Quaid was born in Santa Monica, California, USA, she is American. However, Zoe Grace is raised in a Christian household regarding religion. 

Besides this, Zoe Grace Quaid belongs to a mixed ethnic background. She has English, Scots-Irish, Irish, and German roots. 

Who is Zoe Grace Quaid’s father, Dennis Quaid?

Dennis Quaid is an American actor and musician. He is known for his comedic and dramatic roles in movies such as Breaking Away, The Right Stuff, The Big Easy, Innerspace, Great Balls of Fire!, Dragonheart, The Parent Trap, Frequency, Traffic, The Rookie, The Day After Tomorrow, Vantage Point, and Footloose. 

The son of Juanita B. “Nita” Quaid and William Rudy Quaid, Dennis Quaid was born on April 9, 1954. Quaid dropped out of the University of Houston to pursue an acting career.

After dropping out of college before his graduation, Quaid moved to Hollywood. He started to gain recognition for his work after appearing his the 1979 film Breaking Away. Likewise, Quaid earned critical acclaim for his performance in The Right Stuff. 

In the 1990s, Quaid fought anorexia nervosa and recovered from cocaine addiction. Dennis Quaid has been married four times

Dennis Quaid young photo
Dennis Quaid’s young photo

The Gorp actor’s first wife was actress PJ Soles. They were married from 1978 to 1983. 

Dennis Quaid got married to actress Meg Ryan in February 1991. They welcomed their son, Jack Quaid, in 1992. After nine years, the pair split in 2001. 

Quaid married Kimberly Buffington, a real estate agent, in 2004. They welcomed Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace in 2007. Kimberly filed for divorce in 2016, and their divorce was finalized in 2018. 

In October 2019, Quaid got engaged to public accountant, real estate agent, and yoga instructor Laura Savoie. They eloped in June 2020. 

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Dennis Quaid and Kimberly Buffington Divorce

Dennis Quaid and Kimberly Buffington tied the knot on July 4, 2004. Their wedding took place in a lavish ceremony at Dennis Quaid’s ranch in Paradise Valley, Montana. 

Kimberly Quaid with her ex-husband Dennis Quaid
Zoe Grace’s parents, Dennis Quaid and Kimberly Quaid.

After twelve years of togetherness, Kimberly Buffington and Dennis Quaid amicably parted ways in 2016. Their divorce was finalized on April 27, 2018.

Before their legal separation, reports of Dennis Quaid’s infidelity started circulating in the media. A known philanderer, Dennis Quaid’s past marriage with actress Meg Ryan had also ended due to the actor’s alleged infidelity.

While it was reported that Dennis and Kimberly’s marriage ended due to compatibility issues, a source close to TMZ stated that Dennis’ extra-marital affairs were the main reason behind their separation. A source close to the couple shared,

“Kimberly is fed up with Dennis’ cheating and wants out of the marriage. He’s not a good husband.” 

Kimberly grew fed up with Dennis’s constant extra-marital affairs, and this caused her to file for divorce. Likewise, Dennis and Kimberly also had compatibility issues. They had entirely different personalities, and they both had different expectations from their marriage. 

Following their divorce, Dennis Quaid dated Santa Auzina from July 2016 to 2019. After breaking up with Auzina, Quaid began seeing Laura Savoie, a certified public accountant, real estate agent, and yoga instructor.

Quaid met Savoie for the first at a business event in 2019. The couple got engaged in October 2019. 

After her engagement to Quaid, Savoie spoke to People Magazine and gushed about her beau. Savoie said,

“I have never met someone who is so in love with life. It’s like nothing can bring him down. Just getting to do life with someone who lives that way is inspiring for me. It changes my perspective and it brings so much joy to every day.”

Eight months after their engagement, Dennis and Laura quietly eloped on June 2, 2020. Their intimate wedding took place in Santa Barbara, California, USA. 

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Net Worth

Zoe Grace Quaid is still a child and is yet to start her career. As a result, information about her net worth is not available. 

However, Zoe is the daughter of actor Dennis Quaid, who has an impressive net worth of USD 30 million. Dennis Quaid has such an astounding net worth in his illustrious acting career. Dennis earns more than USD 1.3 million per year.

Additionally, Zoe’s mother, Kimberly Buffington, has a net worth of approximately USD 3 million. After her divorce from Dennis Quaid, the Caveman actor has been paying Buffington USD 13,750 per month for the child support of their twins, Zoe and Thomas.

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