Zola Rapper Accident And Injury: What Happened?

Zola Rapper Accident: Aurélien N’Zuzi Zola, better known by the stage name, Zola, lost his mother after a tragic car accident while on her way to work.

Born on Nov 16, 1999, Zola rose to prominence as a rapper. He made his debut with the album release, Cicatrices, in 2019.

Everything was going how the rapper had planned, and then suddenly, the world took his mother away from him. The rapper mourns his mother and misses her a lot. Let’s get into further detail about what happened in the fatal accident.

Zola Rapper Accident of His Mother

In a heart-wrenching incident, the mother of French rapper Zola, Fabienne Dufournet, tragically lost her life in a road accident on Monday in Haute-Saône.

The 55-year-old woman was cycling to work in Lure when she was struck by a car.

The news deeply saddened Zola, and he quickly took to his Instagram account a few hours later to share the devastating news with his followers.

Zola, also known as, Aurélien Zola N’Zuni, is a rising star in the French rap scene and spent a significant part of his childhood in Haute-Saône.

The rapper expressed his profound grief and loss on social media, stating, “I have a hole in my heart that will not close, Mom. The world stopped turning for me. Rest in peace, my queen”.

Zola Rapper mother
French rapper, Zola misses his mother very much. (Source: Booska-P)

Zola also questioned why they took her and why he was not in heaven. After Zola’s mother’s demise, he was left with significant responsibilities and only wanted to be with her.

Similarly, he missed his mom’s perfume and moles very badly. He will have sad flashbacks from time to time when he hears the word ‘Nono.’

The accident occurred when a 75-year-old driver accidentally hit Fabienne Dufournet while she was cycling to work.

Preliminary investigations suggest that the driver entered a blind spot and did not see the bicycle.

Authorities confirmed that the driver was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident.

In such a difficult time, Zola’s father, who was presumably present, may have extended his condolences to his son.

The support and comfort from family are invaluable during such tragic moments. And it’s also heartening that perhaps Zola has his father by his side as he navigates this challenging period.

What Happened to Zola Rapper?

Losing parents always takes us to dark phases where we sometimes have no idea how to live without them.

Likewise, the French rapper Zola probably went through the same kind of feeling.

As the fatal incident occurred on Jan 15, 2023, he immediately went on Instagram to give the news. He also had a rollercoaster of emotions to explain that he needed to take stepping back to mourn.

Zola rapper accident
The rapper went on Instagram to give terrible news about his mother’s death. (Source: DayFR Euro)

Zola questioned every time why the world took her and not him. The rapper’s misery brought a whole lot of reminiscence of his mother’s memories and perfume.

No wonder Fabienne Dufournet was so happy to see her son’s emerging career before her untimely death. We can see from the statements of Zola that the mother-son duo had an immense bond of love.

Zola’s mother may have played a crucial role in his life, offering unwavering support and nurturing his dreams.

And she believed in his talent and aspired to witness him become the greatest rapper ever. Her sudden departure has left Zola with an immense void.

Despite the immense grief in his heart, Zola remains determined to honor his mother’s memory and continue his pursuit of greatness in the rap industry.

He is probably motivated and very prepared to make his heavenly mother proud.

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